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May I join you?

(Enters an abbess in wimple, veil and black traveling cloak.
She appears to be a bit more winded and harried than a gentle
abbess should be.)

Forgive me, good people, for storming in so suddenly, but I am
in need of refuge for a moment.  A few of the populace outside
do appear to be offended at my very presence.

Dear me!  It must be the work of some bureaucrot reinterpreting
the Law of the Land, again.  St. Monica, grant me patience!
(Sigh)  I am sure twill quiet down soon enough.

In the meantime, may I be so bold as to beg a cup of your fine
ale, and a seat at your hearth?

Oh, thank you Barkeep!  May your generosity be returned to you
a hundredfold.

(She sips, smiles, and raises her eyes heavenward)

Ah! Saints be praised - a heavenly brew!  My journey's
interuption may have a pleasant outcome, after all. 

At the very least, I shall now have time to study my
Tournaments Iluminated.  The current issue does contain some
delightful articles on the Pope Joan legend, Chartres
Cathedral, monastery carpentry and Orthodox weddings.

I wonder if the editor is not aware of the current unrest?

  Patricia E. Clement    peclemen@pen.k12.va.us       
                 + + + + + + +                      
    SCA    Patricia du St. Clemont, abbess
           "In Omnibus Frivolitas!"