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Re: May I join you?

> (Enters an abbess in wimple, veil and black traveling cloak. She 
> appears to be a bit more winded and harried than a gentle abbess should 
> be.) 
> Forgive me, good people, for storming in so suddenly, but I am in need 
> of refuge for a moment.  A few of the populace outside do appear to 
> be offended at my very presence. 

<Meli, being a very confused Welsh Catholic with lots of interest nevertheless 
in the New Learning so very present at King Henry VIII's court these days, was 
raised well enough to rise and curtsey to an Abbess:>

Good greeting to you, my lady Abbess!

Pray sit you down here, near the fire, and compose yourself.  We are all 
friends here--no one will in any wise cast you out for your habit and person!  
We sit here and discuss all sorts of amazing things, with all sorts of amazing 
gentles of the Known World--do you but join us, our number will be made the 
more pleasant for your presence, though we cannot always guarantee we'll 
refrain from the occasional <blush> bawdy song or tale ....

Wilst have some Stew (tm) with your brew?

Welcome to you,
Meli ferch Iasper
Ponte Alto

(Sharon Henderson,
Fairfax, VA)