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Period Painting

Thank you, Lady Meli, for your generosity!  Do not let this
humble abbess prevent you from sharing a colorful tale or two.
(I am personally partial to limericks) I believe that one must
enjoy this life to the full in order to be prepared to fully 
enjoy one's heavenly reward.

Do I understand that an informal gathering of university
scholars is in the making for early July?  I am skilled in the
use of pre-14th century painting techniques - especially egg
tempera panel painting, gilding and all aspects of
iconography.  I am also well versed in the care and use of the
many poisons that artisans encounter in their craft. 

Would these skills be of interest to the scholars of this realm?
I would consider it a blessing to share them.

  Patricia E. Clement    peclemen@pen.k12.va.us       
                 + + + + + + +                      
    SCA    Patricia du St. Clemont, abbess
           "In Omnibus Frivolitas!"