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More on status of Wednesday night fight practice

I just called the Dead Guy again, and like most Dead Guys, he just wasn't 
THERE.  As usual.

I spoke to the secretary, who alleges that someone ELSE handles the 
summer scheduling.  I left a message for the mysterious Someone Else and 
we shall see whether Mr. Else knows how to return calls.

I also inquired about the field house.  The secretary doesn't think that 
the field house is a good place for "that sort of thing."

I will be in my room nearly all day today.  I have a final tomorrow 
afternoon that it will be nearly impossible to pass.  (45% of it relies 
on my ability to identify 22 monuments of Romanesque and Gothic art and 
architcture along with the artist, year, and locale.  I am really not 
confident about that sort of thing.)  AND I get to write a paper on the 
"Madonna Enthroned" at the National Gallery and debate in 3-5 pages 
whether the artist was familiar with the Italian Gothics or whether the 
Italian Gothics were just imitating the "Greek style" and it turned out 
looking like what's thought to be a purely Byzantine piece or whether 
this is an example of parallel universes.  Oh, yeah, *I'm* a happy camper ...

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal