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Re: Class description deadlines for Collegium Borealis

On Fri, 12 May 1995, Lance Harrop wrote:
> On Fri, 12 May 1995, Andreas Saarvuo wrote:
> > 	I've been reading this atlantia-l stuff for a few days
> > 	now, but I haven't been able to make any sense in it.
> > 	Would somebody pls explain what this is all about?
> Sure, its about you coming to Collegium Borealis on July 1st, at the 
> College of St. Stephen (incipient as of Sunday) (GMU) and teaching a 
> class on whatever subject in which you feel confident.  
> Leifr Johansson

Ummm, Leifr...

Don't think he can make it to Collegium. If you notice, he's posting from 
Finland, which means he'd have to be pretty gung-ho to show up.

Andreas, this is the mailing list used by the denizens of the Kingdom of 
Atlantia, Society for Creative Anachronism. Atlantia's the mid-part of 
the Eastern Seabord of the USA. 

We all have split personalities. For example, I'm Dexter Guptill in real 
life, and Erich von Kleinfeld in the SCA. The SCA, by the way, is 
25-30,000 people who study the Middle Ages by living in them. Viewed from 
this perspective, the threads of this list have to do primarily with our 
medieval feasts, tournaments, universities,and wars, or with historical / 
technical / whatever information about the Middle Ages. You may have 
noticed that the _list_ even has a split personality: atlantia-l in real 
life, and the Merry Rose medievally :-).

                                             Dex/Erich/Take your choice...

PS: Lurkers/contributors/interested parties Always Welcome.

Dexter C. Guptill        | Ld. Erich von Kleinfeld | Dexter Guptill, Cmdr   |
American Fed of Teachers | Stierbach, Atlantia     | 49th VA Vol Inf, CSA   |
Disclaimer: This is me, not AFT. They'd freak over some of my opinions...:-)|