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Re: Class description deadlines for Collegium Borealis

On Fri, 12 May 1995, Lance Harrop wrote:

> On Fri, 12 May 1995, Andreas Saarvuo wrote:
> > 	I've been reading this atlantia-l stuff for a few days
> > 	now, but I haven't been able to make any sense in it.
> > 
> > 	Would somebody pls explain what this is all about?
> > 
> Sure, its about you coming to Collegium Borealis on July 1st, at the 
> College of St. Stephen (incipient as of Sunday) (GMU) and teaching a 
> class on whatever subject in which you feel confident.  


It sounds like this good gentle is a bit more confused than you think
him to be.  If you had noticed his address, you would see that he comes
from Finland, and probably has no idea what the SCA is or what Atlantia
is either.

So, Atlantia is the name of a Kingdom in the Society for Creative 
Anachronism, an organization dedicated to recreating portions of the
middle ages.  The kingdom of Atlantia is located in the United States,
and covers the states of Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina,
along with the District of Columbia (and also one small section of Georgia.

If you want more information about the SCA itself, you should probably
read the newsgroup rec.org.sca.  If you have more questions about
Atlantia, feel free to ask here.

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