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Heraldry Classes at Collegium Borealis

Unto the denizens of the Merry Rose and the hagglers out in Cheapside,
greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald.

I'm organizing the Heraldry classes for Collegium Borealis. I do not
necessarily intend to duplicate the typical University herald-track
stuff at this event. Anyone wishing to teach a class, please contact
me: either on the phone, or by e-mail.

Here's a tentative list of classes relating to heraldry (incomplete).
Offers to teach any of these will be gratefully considered.

Persona 101
   The basics of choosing your persona. Heraldically, choosing a time
   period and geographic location are top priority, as it directly affects:
Choosing an SCA Name
   Pretty much self-explanatory.
Being an SCA Herald: The Loud Parts
   Basics of what to do if you're called on to do field, cries or court.
   (*Very* basic court stuff, no time for more than that!)
Being an SCA Herald: The Quiet Parts
   Basic consulting and paperwork.
Blazonry 202
   Getting beyond the basics of heraldic blazon. For heralds and scribes.
   I can supply a handout of basic blazon stuff that you can build on.
Armory in Everyday Usage
   The most common mundane and SCAdian heraldry we see in the area.

Anyone wishing to teach one of these classes, please talk to me.
Anyone who has other ideas for heraldry classes, please let me know --
if it looks good I'll try to fit it in.

An interesting point to ask is... are any other track leaders thinking
of doing classes on heraldic topics? At April University the river of
heraldry overran its banks (by request) and both the newcomers and
theatre tracks (I think) had heraldry classes. If anybody coordinating
another track has a heraldry-related class in mind, please contact me
with whatever info you have on it; I'm not interested in stealing your
idea, or forcing anything down your throat, but we *do* want to make
sure that anyone teaching heraldic stuff knows what they're talking
about. (And if you have a class idea but no teacher, maybe I can help
you find one.)

So, how does one reach me, you ask? Here's how.

On the phone:  703-689-7986  [office, voicemail]
               703-802-6385  [home, NLT 10 pm]

Sending me e-mail can be tricky. Try each of the addresses in the
following list, top to bottom, going on to the next if one bounces.

DAVE.A.MONTUORI@adn.sprint.com           [This one may take a week to forward]

Thanks in advance to everyone who responds.