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Re: Crown Tourney

Lord Leifr,

Here is my meager contribution to your inquiry as to Crown...

Lord Bralluc (Bralos) Blackheart - Lady Gwynwulf - W0/L2
Lord Osric Logan - Lady Arielle of Shadowoulfe - W7/L9 
Lord Connor of Tipperary - Lady Rhiannon Ui Niall - W2/L2 (?)
Lord Brandon of Tipperary - Lady Diana - W1/L2 (?)
Lord Keigan Matthis Broussard - Lady Orianna

I *believe* the wins/losses for Connor and Brandon are correct,
but I am basing those on Logan's info and what round he says he
fought Connor.  I apologize for not remembering more.  You and I
were similarly distracted it seems.

Rhiannon Ui Niall