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RE:whats a pell was(thanks a zillion)

Lord Xavier writes:

> M'lord Leifer
> Sorry, I am an idealist at times.  Are you currently a fighter?  I think 
> alot more people would don the heavy armor and fight if it wasn't for the
> practice of if they feel pain they'll learn method of teaching.

Actually, Lord Xavier, I don't think there is a school of "If they feel 
pain they'll learn".  I think there is a school of "If I beat the newbie 
to a plup now then I'll always have a pyschological advantage over him in 
the future".  And I certainly hope you have a chance to learn armoured 
fighting from a different school then that.  And yes, I'm an armoured 

> this was not meant to flame heavy fighters but there is a reason why some 
> of the other kingdoms do not want to fight with us.  And I am currently 
> planning on becoming a heavy fighter in earnest when my studies end a 
> year from now.
There are a lot of reasons other kingdoms don't like to fight with us.  
Higher blow calibrations and different definitions of personal honour not 
being the least reasons.  My reading of Corpora doesn't suggest that each 
fighter is allowed to set his own level of blow recognition.  It seems to 
me that we are all supposed to be playing the same game.

Lord Xavier, if a year from now you have a chance to locate anywhere near 
northern Virginia, then I would be honoured to introduce you to the 
basics of armoured fighting, as taught by the Stogic School.  And that 
will not involve using you as a human pell.

In Service
Leifr Johansson