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Perhaps the reason you haven't seen Prince Cuan since Crown Tourney is that 
you do not travel for events. I do, and I had the privledge of (unwittingly) 
camping next to him at Enchanted Wood in Azuremont two weeks ago.  His 
Highness was most courteous and made a point of coming over to our camp to 
talk and even lent us some cooking gear because we forgot our own.  Also, 
despite a very painful foot injury, he authorized fighters and led melee 

Please folks, don't get upset if it seems that I'm slamming people for not 
travelling.  That was not the intent and I would never do that!  I 
understand why people can't travel and it's only recently that I've had 
enough disposible income to do so myself.  It is only my intent to point out 
that the person who made the original posting was not up on all of the facts 
and obviously didn't have the social expertise to know that their bit of  
poetry was not socially acceptable, even as opinion.

BTW, Enchanted Wood was a wonderful event despite the unexpected rainfall!  
Vivat Azuremont!

>From her garden,
                              What is worth most is often valued least.

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