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Re: atlantian finance question.

Dafydd ap Gwystl greets everyone.

The original finance question (now deleted, sadly) asked, if I remember
correctly, why we are running out of money.  Having consulted with a large
backlog of Acorns and Kingdom law, I can give you an answer.

The Travel Fund.

Up until November 1992 the stipend for royalty was $40 each, which is
very small.  $80 total per reign, $160 per year.  At that point (Nov 92)
the law changes from Michael and Seonaid's reign were published and
came into effect.  One of these was the Travel Fund.  In brief, the
Travel Fund allows the Royalty to be reimbursed for 50% of all in-kingdom
travel and event-related costs, up to $500; additionally, the Royalty
may be reimbursed for ALL out-kingdom travel and event-related costs,
up to $500.  Further, the Royalty may be reimbursed for up to $350
spent on gifts to other royalty and tourney prizes for Kingdom-sponsored
tourneys.  Finally, the royalty still get their stipend as before.

This changes the total drain on the Kingdom by the royalty, in the
worst case, from $80 per reign (which is, as I say, too small) to
$1430 per reign, $2860 per year.  Which is WAY TOO MUCH.

If Atlantia is in a deep financial hole, it is the travel fund which
is the major shovel.  If we want to fix the problem, I STRONGLY
suggest that we pitch out the $500 out-kingdom travel fund and
the $350 presents-to-other-monarchs fund per reign, thus saving
up to $1700 per year.  The in-kingdom travel fund is reasonable,
but why should we pay the Monarch to go to Estrella?  This is a
luxury, pure and simple.  If the King wants to go to Estrella, fine
and good, but I don't see why we should pay for it.

Cut the budget, don't raise taxes.