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Re: atlantian finance quest

        Reply to:   RE>>atlantian finance question.

In respons to the Atlantian Finance Question.

If the kingdom is financing the travels of the royality both in and out of
kingdom, a major problem exists.  A few questions come to mind. Is there any
accounting? does any one of the royality have to fill out an expense report? I
woiuld like to point out if there is no proper accounting the potential for
abuse exists.  I do not think that the Knigdom should be required to finance
the travel junkets of any of the Royality. If you fight in crown and win the
job incurs some finanical outlay. Any one that wins crown and expects the
kingdom to support their travel required and non-required is cheating the
kingdom. During my reign (I was the 8th King of Atlantia) for the year that I
was prince and on the throne I incurred expenses of over 5 thousand dollars
directly related to the throne. These expenses are tax de-ductable and I
claimed them . If the Kingdom pays for these travel expenses and does not
require a fiscal accounting, and if the royals claim thes expenses on their
taxes, the Kingdom of atlantia might be contributing to an illegal act.  I
think the time for these paid benfits to the crown should be brought under a
firmer control and perhaps stopped. I for one, am against paying the royals
for any out of kingdom expenses and only paying for the events that the crown
is required to attend.  This should be an item of busness at the first curia
of  the current prince as I doubt the objectity of the current Crown to do any
thing about this. let me know if any one else shares my views. If so I will
make it my busness to ensure that this item does appear on the busness list of
the next kings  first curia.  

Earl Syr Knarlic 

Date: 5/25/95 7:43 AM
To: Bob Hoy
From: Cheryl Martin

On Wed, 24 May 1995 telenet!uunet!umiacs.UMD.EDU!kuijt@uunet.uu.net wrote:

> Dafydd ap Gwystl greets everyone.
> The original finance question (now deleted, sadly) asked, if I remember
> correctly, why we are running out of money.  Having consulted with a large
> backlog of Acorns and Kingdom law, I can give you an answer.
> The Travel Fund.
> If Atlantia is in a deep financial hole, it is the travel fund which
> is the major shovel.  If we want to fix the problem, I STRONGLY
> suggest that we pitch out the $500 out-kingdom travel fund and
> the $350 presents-to-other-monarchs fund per reign, thus saving
> up to $1700 per year.  The in-kingdom travel fund is reasonable,
> but why should we pay the Monarch to go to Estrella?  This is a
> luxury, pure and simple.  If the King wants to go to Estrella, fine
> and good, but I don't see why we should pay for it.
> Cut the budget, don't raise taxes.
> Dafydd

Ah, well.  I see that is seems we need to go through the budget and 
carefully consider Kingdom expenses.  Then a new budget should be made 
keeping only those items that are truly necessary(a difficult task as 
some people's necessities are other's luxuries).  Once that is done, then 
we can have a real picture of Kindgom finances.  At any rate, 
fund-raising for specific projects is still a good idea.  It worked well 
obtaining new crowns, it should work for other specific needs like 
regalia upkeep.  

Thank you, your Excellency, for bringing forth an important point.  I'm 
looking forward to hearing further discussion.

Ayo Folashade Oshun

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