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Will the Real Author Stand Up

First of all, the very obviously needed apology:

	Your Highness, Prince Cuan, when I wrote "Doggeral" I believed 
	that you would place your academic responsibilities before your 
	duties to the Kingdom.  I was obviously wrong.  Since Crown Tourney 
	you have attended two events, at least one of which your presence has 
	been a significant factor in the success of the event (authorizing 
	seven fighters, I believe).  I applaud your efforts and apologize 
	for suggesting that you would be doing otherwise.

His highness may require of me what additional amends he may wish.

As for some other points made about my song.  Some people have claimed it 
was an indication of cowardice.  I don't see that.  I've said as much, in 
public, in much the same way, before.  Try reading the third verse of 
"Commander Mine" some time, a poem I read before the Crown's court.  There 
is nothing more damning in "Doggeral" then in that.  However, because I 
wrote the song anonymously (sp), rather then laugh behind your hands, and 
try to ignore the implications, you all were free to draw such inferences 
as you wished from the song.

And boy did you draw some wild inferences.

Michael Ryan, where do you get the idea that this song questions or 
insults Earl Dafydd?

There have been a number of posts that suggest this is slander.  
Actually, "Doggeral" is mostly factual, or taken from the subjects' own 
words (see Earl Dafydd's post about having to sit in the first round), 
and is only occasionally laced with my opinion.  It makes no specific 
charges against anyone's honour, even the subject's.  It made a false 
suggestion that Prince Cuan would not be seen at events because he is a 
law student.  His Highness has proven this wrong.  Other then that, the 
song itself still seems accurate, and in fact the two reasons I wrote the 
chorus, because His Highness did not provide his address for the Acorn, 
and that His Highness did not attend Curia, which was terribly 
regrateable, did and do still apply.

However, "Doggeral" is obviously satire, and like all good satire, 
implies its message, rather then states it.  If I had signed my name at 
first, I maintain that no one would have bothered to draw any inferences 
from my work.  Notice the fact that Beonhard has virtually called for 
Civil War (re: of Cabbages and Kings) and that Earl Dafydd has openly 
questioned the conduct of the King at Crown Tourney (re: Crown Tourney) 
and no one has made to draw any inferences from their posts.

But as Earl Dafydd would point out, I am responsible for any fair and 
reasoned inference drawn from my work, "Doggeral".  And as Graf Klaus 
points out, I should make amends to everyone I've hurt.  However, beyond 
the appology and offer I've made to the Crown Prince for the error in 
suggesting that he would not be attending events, I'm not aware of any 
particular hurt offered to any one.  Michael Ryan has suggested that I've 
slandered Earl Dafydd, but that doesn't seem a fair or reasonable 
inference.  So I'll have to ask you all to explain just how you feel I've 
hurt anyone with this song, before I can make amends.

Finally, Graf Klaus has been bold to threaten certain unstated 
reprisals.  To be shunned by a peer whom I've seen in the field at one 
war, I believe I can live with.  If the threat is to hunt me out on the 
list field or battle field with the intent to do me harm, feel free to 
discard your personal honour if you wish.  If you are a authorized 
fighter, you might remember that you've been asked if you will abide by 
the rules of the list, which specifically forbid such acts.  If you 
intend to do me harm in some other way, then remember that would be a crime.

But as for standing up to personal challenges, I think Earl Dafydd can 
confirm that I won't whine about the blows.  And we can discuss the 
occasion of these challenges.

the author	Leifr Johansson