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Re: atlantian finance question.

On Wed, 24 May 1995 telenet!uunet!umiacs.UMD.EDU!kuijt@uunet.uu.net wrote:

> Dafydd ap Gwystl greets everyone.
> The original finance question (now deleted, sadly) asked, if I remember
> correctly, why we are running out of money.  Having consulted with a large
> backlog of Acorns and Kingdom law, I can give you an answer.
> The Travel Fund.
> If Atlantia is in a deep financial hole, it is the travel fund which
> is the major shovel.  If we want to fix the problem, I STRONGLY
> suggest that we pitch out the $500 out-kingdom travel fund and
> the $350 presents-to-other-monarchs fund per reign, thus saving
> up to $1700 per year.  The in-kingdom travel fund is reasonable,
> but why should we pay the Monarch to go to Estrella?  This is a
> luxury, pure and simple.  If the King wants to go to Estrella, fine
> and good, but I don't see why we should pay for it.
> Cut the budget, don't raise taxes.
> Dafydd

Ah, well.  I see that is seems we need to go through the budget and 
carefully consider Kingdom expenses.  Then a new budget should be made 
keeping only those items that are truly necessary(a difficult task as 
some people's necessities are other's luxuries).  Once that is done, then 
we can have a real picture of Kindgom finances.  At any rate, 
fund-raising for specific projects is still a good idea.  It worked well 
obtaining new crowns, it should work for other specific needs like 
regalia upkeep.  

Thank you, your Excellency, for bringing forth an important point.  I'm 
looking forward to hearing further discussion.

Ayo Folashade Oshun