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Emerald Joust

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose from Konrad der ruhige Bar.

Emerald Joust was a bit soggy this year but fun.  The rain started on Friday
evening and continued off and on most of the weekend.  The Emerald Jousts
for armoured combat and rapier were held on Saturday. The armoured combat
had a field of 73 fighters.  The winner of the double elimination tourney
was Duke Lucan (sp) from the East Kingdom.  The prize for the most
chivalrous went to Count Gregoire (sp) also from the East Kingdom.  I did
not get to see the rapier tourney, since it was held at the same time as the
armoured combat, but there appeared to be a good turn out there as well.

The cambock game was held Sunday morning in the rain.  I don't know which
side won (I'm not sure anyone knows) but it looked like the players were
having a great deal of fun.  The Pas d'Arms was cancelled due to the rain
and poor field condition.  The "lawn" party was held Sunday night in the
hall but the pallio (sp) races were cancelled.

Although the rain dampened some of the activities and some gentles' spirits,
the rain did give us an oppertunity to meet some new people and renew some
old aquaintances.  Of note was the presence of Countess Syr Trudy at the
event.  She was the first lady fighter and first lady knight in the SCA and
alot of fun to talk to.