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Re: Emerald Joust

Greetings to the pranksters of the Merry Rose.

Konrad noted of our Sunday at Emerald Joust:

>The cambock game was held Sunday morning in the rain.  

I believe that should be "the game was wet, wild and wonderful"

>I don't know which side won (I'm not sure anyone knows)

Konrad, cambock is neither won nor lost--only enjoyed. As Dafydd often 
points out, goals are irrelevant--it's the highlight films that count. 

>but it looked like the players were having a great deal of fun.

...and so was the crowd from what we could tell inside the fence. They 
didn't seem to mind when we "played through". All in all cambock proved to 
be a true ancestor of "mud hockey".

Hope everyone else had as much fun (and exhaustion) as I did,