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Looking for Teachers...

Unto the denizens of the Merry Rose and the hagglers out in Cheapside,
greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Chief Octopus and coordinator of
the Heraldry track at Collegium Borealis.

On the 1st of July, the incipient College of St. Stephen will be hosting
a day of learning in divers topics... but you probably knew that. However,
in order to have classes you need to have three things (minimum): location
(got that), students (can't know till it happens), and TEACHERS. Guess
what *I'm* fishing for... :-)

You do NOT need to be a warranted herald to teach a heraldry class at
C.B. All that's required is: 1) you have to know your topic; 2) you
have to be there for class.

ANYONE interested in teaching a heraldry class, please get in touch with
me. You can suggest any heraldic topic you want! For your convenience I
have listed a few possibilities below, but this should not be taken as
anything remotely resembling a final list! ANY reasonable suggestion
will be given due consideration!

Here are some (but by NO means all) possibilities.

Persona 101
   The basics of choosing your persona. Heraldically, choosing a time
   period and geographic location are top priority, as it directly affects:
Choosing an SCA Name
   Pretty much self-explanatory.
Being an SCA Herald: The Loud Parts
   Basics of what to do if you're called on to do field, cries or court.
   (*Very* basic court stuff, no time for more than that!)
Being an SCA Herald: The Quiet Parts
   Basic consulting and paperwork.
Blazonry 202
   Getting beyond the basics of heraldic blazon. For heralds and scribes.
   I can supply a handout of basic blazon stuff that you can build on.
Armory in Everyday Usage
   The most common mundane and SCAdian heraldry we see in the area.

So, how does one reach me, you ask? Here's how.

On the phone:  703-689-7986  [office, voicemail]
               703-802-6385  [home, NLT 10 pm]

Sending me e-mail can be tricky but eventually you WILL reach me. Try
each of the addresses in the following list, top to bottom, going on
to the next if one bounces.

DAVE.A.MONTUORI@adn.sprint.com         [This one may take 2-3 days to forward]

MANY THANKS in advance to everyone who responds!