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Re: Braveheart

> I haven't seen the film yet, but looking this up last night in one of my
> books, William Wallace, after being knighted (perhaps even by Robert The
> Bruce), was made Guardian of Scotland.  He did later resign his
> Guardianship, which was then taken over by Robert and another guy.
> Wallace was captured in 1305 by Edward, and later given a rather grisly
> execution.  It was in 1307 that Robert slew one his rivals, two years
> after Wallaces' death.  In fact, what Robert did was stab this guy in the
> church, but the rival was rescued by a bishop, so Robert actually dragged
> him back into the church and there finished him off.

The way I heard it, Robert lost his temper and struck the Red Comyn, then
he ran out of the kirk all remorseful and said, "I struck Comyn -- I think
he's dead."  Then one of Robert's men, one Kirkpatrick, drew his knife,
said, "I'll make sure", and went into the kirk.  The Kirkpatrick arms in
Scotland has a crest with a mailed arm, embowed, maintaining a dagger, and
a motto that reads, "I MAK SICCAR".

-- Alfredo