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Re: Braveheart

nuala writes:
< (BTW, my dad read someplace that the extras playing Wallace's
<troops in the battles came from the Irish army... ??)

A friend of mine saw a "the making of..." on Braveheart.  All of the extras
in the Battle scenes were members of the Scottish National Guard.  It showed
them going into a series of three tents.  A 20th century soldier walked in
the first, came out wearing a great kilt.  They walked in the second, came
out wearing mud, they walked in the third, and came out an armed and ready
14th century soldier.  Kind of an Assembly line for Scots.  It seems they had
a problem in the weapons tent, though.  Faced with the claymores and
battle-axes, and hammers and knives and spears displayed on a table before
them, many soldiers got picky, which prompted one of the costuming people to
tell them "This ain't K-mart, just grab one!"

<What *I* was wondering about... where did the woad come from?
<I was under the impression that woading died out among the Celts
<some years before.  If it *was* in common use, then why were Wallace
<and his elite the only blue-faced ones in the Scottish army?

Yes, it was out of use.  But I think it would be perfectly reasonable that
William and his men would paint themselves blue to inspire nationalism and
pride among his men.  Plus bringing back old customs would help give them a
feeling of independace in a time when the wearing of the plaid and the
playing of bagpipes was outlawed.  So I would say it is reasonable.