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Re: Braveheart

On Sun, 4 Jun 1995 Noramunro@aol.com wrote:

> Scripsit Istvan
> >I read that a lot of gays are protesting the film because >Edward's
> portrayal was a bit too overdone.  Any comments on >that?

> homosexuality is a hot-button issue in late twentieth-century society only
> complicates things further.   It's a problem.

I think that Edward could have been portrayed as so masculine that 
any lady in ten feet of him develops chest hair from the testosterone
and gays who know their history would protest that Edward isn't gay enough.
No matter what happens in areas like this someone WILL be upset.  For 
example some christians I know loved the last temptation and thought the 
dream sequence where jesus had children was a poignant example of sacrifice.
Others saw the same movie and screamed BLASPHEMY at the top of their lungs.

Someone will be unhappy no matter what happens.  A gay roommate and 
friend of mine (I'm straight we lived together because of the dorm lottery)
had a hilarious skit on the royal queers of europe and probably will 
think Edward doesn't "shake his thing" enough.

In essence don't worry about people will protest and counter protest 
anything that gets printed if it is even remotely controversial.  I'd 
have to say just go see the movie and be entertained(or not) because the 
protests don't really matter since no one knows.

(who still hasn't seen forest gump because I refuse to see 
a movie until I forget all the spoilers)

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