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Re: The Crusades

Saaral wrote:
> Prior to that, I watch A&E's Biography of Cinggis Khan, and found myself
> cringing at the pronounciation of some of the names.  I think A&E is doing a
> biography on 5 different "Conquerors" this week, but I could be mistaken.

I've also recorded both the Crusades and the two latest Biographies. Haven't
had a chance to actually watch them yet....

These previews of the History Channel look intriguing, and some of the
other ads I've seen for it look pretty good. As much as it's being hyped,
I do hope the local cable providers here get it. TLC, A&E and Discovery
have had some very good programming.

For those who are interested in later period, MPT Channel 26 is re-running
Sharpe's Rifles. For those who don't know, these are a series of stories
about a troop of Irish riflemen under Wellington throughout the Napoleonic
Wars, led by their commander, Captain Sharpe. It's good drama, and good

And Saaral, if you didn't get it when TLC aired it, I have all four episodes
of Storm From the East on tape.

In service,

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