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Re: The Crusades

On Wed, 7 Jun 1995, Corun MacAnndra wrote:

> I've also recorded both the Crusades and the two latest Biographies. Haven't
> had a chance to actually watch them yet....

The Attila episode was rather interesting, although I was getting tired of
seeing the four or five shots over and over (the two horsemen riding up to
the camp fire, the hand scooping up coins, and such).

> These previews of the History Channel look intriguing, and some of the
> other ads I've seen for it look pretty good. As much as it's being hyped,
> I do hope the local cable providers here get it. TLC, A&E and Discovery
> have had some very good programming.

I very seriously doubt we'll get it over here in Sylvan Glen anytime soon.
 We don't even have Comedy or Sci-Fi.  My wife says it's a good thing,
too, because she'd never get me away from the TV if we did get it!

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