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Clarification on 12th Night A&S

Greetings from Ellwood!

I wrote:
> On a different note, a potential site for Kingdom 12th Night has been 
> In the hopes that it will be used, are there any requests for A&S topics
> to be covered at the upcoming 12th Night?  Please e-mail your responses
> directly to me at:  John.Thorpe@ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM

I have already received a few replies on potential 12th Night A&S 
However, I was also asked to find out if there were any A&S competition
categories people would like to see(i.e.:  mead brewing, lace making, etc.).
I forgot to stipulate that in my previous message.

At any rate, please go ahead and provide other A&S activity suggestions
as well.  At the moment, I'm just gathering information for folks, and any
information is good.

In surf-ice,
Ellwood, BBC