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Re: WWW Page

Brenda wrote:

>Okay, folks.. I'm going to dive in head first.. First off... is there a WWW
>or ftp site for Atlantia....yes.. I mean ALL of Atlantia. <G>?  If not.. is
>there an interest in one.. I really don't know exactly what I am doing, but
>I'd be glad to learn how to run one, as I spend a LOT of time on the
>computer, and do not work outiside the home...


There is indeed an Atlantian home page. it can be reached from either the
SCA homepage at


or directly at


I hope these are of some help.


Saaral/Grey the Succinct (Don't blame me, a BEAR named me!)

"I am not a number... I am King of England..er oops, wrong production!"