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Re: Assessment/Motels

> > >Could anyone provide me with possible motel information for Assessment?
> > > Chains, location relative to site, etc.?
>    Standard excuse #1 -- I'm at work and my references (telephone book, in
> this case) are at home.  I believe that there are a couple of motels in
> Lovingston, about 10 miles north of the site (I live just north of Lovingston,
> but don't have much need of a motel...  :-).  The town of Amherst, about
> 20 minutes south, is also a possibility.  I'll see what I can find tonight
> and post again tomorrow.
> --Landi
   Ohboyohboy!  I get to follow up my own posting!  Wheee!  :-)

   The Lovingston Phone Book Yellow Page  (:-) lists two possibilities:

         Hilltop View Motel  Rt. 2 Arrington  (804) 263-5959
         Village Motel       Lovingston       (804) 263-5068

   For what it's worth, my in-laws (back before I became single) used
to stay at the Village Motel when they came to visit.  It's quite nice,
and as I recall the rates were not unreasonable.  It is about 15-20
minutes from the site.  I don't know anything about the Hilltop View
Motel, but with an Arrington address it's probably closer.

   I don't have any info for Amherst, but it may be worth calling 

   Hope this helps...