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Re: Assessment/Motels

> >Could anyone provide me with possible motel information for Assessment?
> > Chains, location relative to site, etc.?
> Well, unfortunately the site is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere,
> about ten minutes off U.S. 29 between Charlottesville and Lynchburg.
> Your best bet would be in Charlottesville, about 45 minutes away from the
> site, although there could be a Mom-and-Pop-type place closer. Perhaps a
> kind Isenfiri could recommend places on the south side of C-ville?
> Good luck,
> Duncan, who wishes he could attend Assessment, but the commute's a killer
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

   Standard excuse #1 -- I'm at work and my references (telephone book, in
this case) are at home.  I believe that there are a couple of motels in
Lovingston, about 10 miles north of the site (I live just north of Lovingston,
but don't have much need of a motel...  :-).  The town of Amherst, about
20 minutes south, is also a possibility.  I'll see what I can find tonight
and post again tomorrow.