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The Salazar Effect

Ianthe writes, in part,
>     Perhaps my skepticism has been fueled by Don Fernando's
>     experience.  Mundanely, Don Fernando Salazar y Perez is just
>     "Fernando Salazar" (if you've got a documentable period name,
>     why change it?)  In Ancient Times, he and (then) Stephen
>     Silverwing invented out of thin air the arms that Fernando
>     finally got registered.  They consulted no historic sources -
>     just let their creativity run.  The design they came up with
>     was (pardon my bad heraldese):
>     Sable, seme of estoilles of seven, argent, within a bordure
>     embattled argent.  [Translation:  a black field with lots of
>     wavy-armed silver stars with seven points insdie a silver
>     embattled border].
>     About two years ago we received an offer from one of these
>     heraldry by mail places offering us the "ancient and honorable
>     arms of the Salazar family as registered in England."  At first
>     we scoffed at the thought of Salazars in England, then opened
>     the envelope.  There inside was something suspiciously like
>     Fernando's SCA arms:  Sable, seme of estoiles of seven argent.
>     No bordure.  I can't beleive it was a coincidence.  The "stars
>     over the battlements" idea has personal significance, and was
>     not modeled on anything out of source material.

I have long known that coats of arms were inherited, but this is the
first real evidence I have heard, other than some stories of twins
separated at birth who ended up assuming similar arms.  I would like
to hear from Don Fernando what meditative techniques I can used so
that I too, can get in touch with my ancestors.

-- Alfredo el Bufon