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A Personal effort to increase Spiffiness

His Grace writes:
> You have unfortunately fallen into one of the cracks in the system.  Shires
> are, in the real world, larger than baronies.  Sheriffs outrank barons and
> are approximately as noble as viscounts give or take a nobility point.   And
> yes all of the SCA establishment would have to become involved. 

I was under the impression that Sheriffs were officers, rather then a 
rank of nobility.  Would the title actually give one precidence?  
> That being said, however, there is no reason that any gentle in Highland
> Ford, or anywhere else for that matter, cannot invent an award and bestow it
> on a worthy individual.

Actually, it's rediculusly easy to honour someone, re:

	In A Moment (about Cuan's first Crown victory)

	Touchstone (about Sir Kane, he just happened to win Crown)

	Butterfly (Graffin Twila)

	Just (about her Ladyship, Erica Potiven)

	Dancing on the Wind (all the fair ladies of Windmaster's Hill)

	Lioness (about Princess Luned, a Royal commisson, in fact)

	Commander Mine (Syr Thorbrandr)

	By Right (Prince Thorbrandr)

	The Sword and the Harp (Countess Arianwen and Earl Cuan)

	Burden of the Crown (Prince Anton)

	Queen Maker (Duke Bertrand)

	Seven Virtues (Syr Strykar and then Finn Jarl Harjolfsson, Seven 
	Virtues is in fact a passing award, like Magnus Baldwin's favor,
	where each recipient is solely responsible for deciding who will
	receive the award next)

	Font of Courtesy (Countess Muirgen - perhaps the reason I don't
	write these anymore)

And yes, Yaakov, all if it better poetry then "Doggeral".

All illuminated and many presented in Court or at Feast.  Certainly 
poetry isn't easy, nor is caligraphy and illumination.  But the more work 
you put into the gift, the more you imply the person you honour is worthy.

In Service
That nasty, cowardly dastard.