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Re: Henry's Ankles

Baron Corun writes:
> Well, it was my keyboard, and not my pen that I warmed up, but I hope you've
> seen my limericks by now, and consider them a fair entry into the contest.
> I didn't have any need of beta testing. These products were ready for the
> consumer right off the drawing board. ;-)
Limericks?  Well, I missed those. 

Nope, change that, I got the posts in reverse order.

Anyway, I told everyone that "Henry's 
Ankles" was a song, not a poem, so a limerick won't suffice.  At least for
the challenge.  Lady Deoca can give her mead to whom she will.  But they 
are damned fine limericks, I must say.

As for beta testing, after the comments from Yaakov on my last song, I 
send out all my work for pre-consumer review, as Evan noted earlier.

But I don't want to decrease the impact of Aislynn's song, so I'm not 
going to post my poem, on which her song is based, until the song is ready.

In Service,
Leifr Johansson