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Re: Henry's Ankles

Leifr writes:
> Anyway, I told everyone that "Henry's 
> Ankles" was a song, not a poem, so a limerick won't suffice.  At least for
> the challenge.  Lady Deoca can give her mead to whom she will.  But they 
> are damned fine limericks, I must say.

So you think to limit the playing field by applying arbitrary rules, eh?
First you say you have a song, then you say you have a poem that Aislynn
is turning into a song. But isn't a limerick just another form of poetry?
And couldn't a limerick be set to music? And didn't bards tell poetic sagas
as well as sing or simply play instruments? Methinks that you are simply
greedy for Lady Deoca's meade, and seek to take control of the competition
*she* suggested.

I will leave the decision of the inclusion of my limericks to Lady Deoca
and the other judges. You, afterall, are only one of what should become 
several contestants. But, your gauntlet is duly noted.

In service to fun and a good time,

   Corun MacAnndra   |
 Dark Horde by birth |	       	  vivivi - the editor of the Beast
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