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Re: Henry's Ankles

Greetings from Ellwood!

Scriptsit Henry (also known as the apocryphal "Hal"):

%A contest? Oh my. Leifr, your cleverness is simply immeasurable.

%It seems unfair to make Ianthe a judge, though. What if she wants
%to write, instead? As a henrish scholar of some note, she is likely
%to produce superior work. I have a copy of her last poem in a
%scrapbook. Are you sure you aren't o so cleverly elminating your

For shame Henry!  To cast such aspersions on the character of
Lord Leifr.  Although I must admit, it is...a clever plan... 8^/ if it is 

%In fairness to Ianthe, Olaf, and Dafydd, none of whom have expressed
%the slightest interest in this rather silly thread, shouldn't the
%judges volunteer rather than be appointed?

Absolutely NOT!  8^)  We are trying to go after a period model
aren't we?  Besides, by their silence, we can legally ass-u-me
that they agree, can't we? 8^) 8^)

*sigh*  These frivolous threads are what keep me from going
ballistic at work every day....  Laughter _is_ good for one's

%-Henry, Patron of Viking Halbards

 --Ellwood, BBC
(hmmm, since I'm the first to use this, does that make me BBC 1 ?)