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Re[2]: Henry's Ankles

     Greetings again from Deoca,
     Henry, I'm glad you seem to be ok with this. The rest of us certainly 
     seem to be enjoying ourselves, I know I am. You are most gracious.
     My list of judges has not worked out. Ianthe has not responded and 
     probably doesn't want to be involved. Olaf doesn't monitor the list 
     and Dafydd is out of the country. I will take volunteers through 
     private email for the next couple of (working) days and post a list of 
     judges next week. 
     Oh Hal, would you like to be a judge? I can't think of anyone more 
     qualified :-)
     On the subject of limericks, I think they are quite acceptable. 
     Especially since the limerick song does in fact exist, as Eogan 
     pointed out.
     Thank you all (especially Hal) and may the puns continue!
     Deoca of Elvegast