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IKAC standings 6/27(long)

The following may be crossposted or reprinted in any SCA newsleter. 

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, Keeper of the IKAC And IKCAC 

standings as of 6/27/95
	The standings in the Open divsion of the Interkingdom Archery 
Competition as of June 27 are: 1)  WEST- 254.3.   Andrus Truemark- 264,  
Bard Francis Goodfellow- 256,  Joseph de la Tour- 243.   2) 
ATLANTIA-244.3. Reynard of Lochmere- 287,  Roark of Hydra Hall- 242, Ld. 
Adlfgar Grey Seas- 204.  3) ANTIR- 241.6.  Julian Edward Farnsworth- 
254,  Jammie of Blackrose- 244,  Jon-  227.   4) MIDDLE-233.  Master 
Grant Graeme de Menteith- 274,  James Cunningham- 229,   Neko me- 196.  
5) CALONTIR- 205.3.  Leif of Crescent Moon- 221,  Orma Tharane- 202,  
Shane Padraig OBrolla Clain- 193.   6) CAID-197.   Rock of Wintermist- 
239,  Thomas Blackeep- 187,  James of the Lake- 165.  7)  ANSTREORA- 
194.6.  Don Sebastian Frobishire- 212,  Roger Bagley- 209,  Thxhian of 
Pegasus- 163.  8)  OUTLANDS-171.3.  Yanthlos the Quiet- 199,  Ld. 
Peregrine Elric of Courtenay- 180,  Ld. Thorfinn Greybeard- 135.   9)  
TRIMARIS-110.   Juan Diego- 142,  Sir Erica Bjornsdottir- 120,   Lassair 
Bantiarna Slaine- 68.  
	The scores in the Period division are: 1)  TRIMARIS- 152.3.  
Michael of Tweedale- 206, Michael of Alwington- 158,  Sasa Lyttel of  
Denby Dale- 93.   2)  ANSTEORA- 148.  Don Sebastian Frobishire- 208,  
Dillon of Dillon-153,  Lady Aelfric of Auburn -59 .  3)  MIDDLE- 128.  
Eirik Gralokkr- 158,  Duncan of Dusinanz- 121,  Moira Nic Connell the 
Strongbow- 105.  4)  ATLANTIA- 80.3.  Viscount Karl Helweg- 99,   Bruno 
Jager- 76,  Marion Lang Boogschutter- 66.  Remember, to complete in the 
Period division you must use self nocked arrows (no plasatic nocks). 
	No full sets of scores have been received in the Crossbow division.
	In the Interkingdom Combat Archery Competition the standings 
are:  1)  MERIDIES- 191.3.  Ld. Robert do Pergraine- 231,  Ld. Kendorf 
LUOterel- 203,  Jimmy Greene- 140.  2)  ANSTEORRA- 187.3.  Stefan von 
Drachenfels- 242,  Padric of Kilkenny- 174,  Gilbert Ost Westley- 146.  
3) TRIMARIS- 74.3.  ?????????? Colbert- 78, ????taan  Joe Bochaleh- 73, 
Michael of Alwington-72.   
	For those archers that are interested in making their own 
crossbows, I have the address of a supplier of tempered steel crossbow 
prods and other crossbow parts.  Also Master Iolo of Ansteora has just 
published an excellant  book on crossbows.  Both of these are in the list 
of archery suppliers. For a copy of the list send a 55 cent legal size 
	For copies of the IKAC  rules send a legal size SASE (32 cents).  
For the IKCAC rules or both IKAC and IKCAC rules send a legal size SASE 
(55 cents).  To the Keeper of the IKAC and IKCAC, Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, c/o 
John R. Edgerton, 7662 Wells Ave, Newark C A 94560-3530.  (510) 
791-9070.  Email:  sirjon@netcom.com