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FW from sca-east [Re: Hearld]

The following appeared on the East Kingdom list (after this poster's
typo of "Hearld" occasioned some, um, speculation); thought the Merry
Rose might enjoy it as well...

-Poster: Barbara Nostrand <nostrand@mathstat.yorku.ca>

Noble Cousins!

As the culprit in this "Hearld" controversy I must of course beg the
pardon of all and sundry in this matter.  Alas, my poor fingers are
at times slightly dyslexic.  "Hearld" is of course simpley "Herald"
with the "a" and "r" reversed.  However, I would not be surprised if
someone more learned in Heraldic arts points out that the "Hearld"
is an ancient and quite loathsome monster with green fur and and
yellow markings.  The cry of the Hearld being quite loud and offensive 
to the ears.  Thus, the prefered hunting mode of the hearld was,
accorting to Aristotle (who we know to be incapable of error), to 
approach the feeding grounds of the prey most stealthily and then
to utter an ear splitting shreek (the cry of the Hearld sounding
somthing like O I'esos O I'esos O I'esos) thus stunning the hapless
prey in its very tracks allowing that most loathsome of beasts,
the Hearld, to devour the poor creature at leasure.  Some of course
contend that the folio on the Hearld was inserted in Aristotle by
an anonmyous scribe for homoletic purposes.  The contention being,
the Hearld is meant to symbolize the alure of false knowlege and is
thereby emblematic of the Satan in much the same way as the Pellican
is emblematic of the Christ.  However, textual analysis strongly 
supports a Hellenic origin for this particular monster.

					Your Humble Servant
					Solveig Throndardottir
					Amateur Scholar

--end forward--

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