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Relica Longships

Atlantians -

I pulled this off the OLDNORSE list.  I thought some of you might be
interested and/or have information for this person.

If he replies to my question of WHEN this thing is, I'll post that too.


        - Anarra

>To all Scholars of the Viking era:
>As part of the celebrations due to take place in this country as we enter
>the next millennium, the town of Tavistock in South West England is
>a celebration/reconstruction of the burning of a local abbey by Viking
>raiders in 997AD, and subsequent settlement at nearby Lydford.  As such,
>there are plans under way to recreate the raid on the Saxon Burh and mint
>Lydford, and the burning of Ordwulfs abbey at Tavistock.  Part of these
>plans involve the construction and sailing of a replica Viking Longship.
>Ideally we would like to have a number of ships representative of those
>typical of the era, however the prime requirement is to produce a typical
>vessel of war.  To this end we have selected the Skuldelev 5 to be the most
>suitable for our requirements, and are currently working towards obtaining
>suitable funding for this project.
>Although we have been able to uncover a large amount of detail regarding
>construction methods and processes used during the creation of authentic
>vessels, there are a number of areas where information has not been
>forthcoming. These relate specifically to the construction of the Skuldelev
>5 ship, and are as follows:
>1)     What was the design and layout of the stem and stern pieces?  We have
>idea, but this has only been obtained by subjective measurements from
>reconstruction photographs, and is estimated at 14 ells radius.
>2)     What is the location and size of the Keelsen?
>In addition to the above we would be grateful for any information and/or
>pointers to documents/books/papers/internet locations etc relating to
>longship construction (a set of plans of the 5 would be even better :-).   
>If anybody knows anything regarding the Helgeask, or knows someone who
>might, we would be extremely grateful if you could pass this info on.
>If anybody requires more info or can help, E-mail me at:
>Thanks in advance
>Warren Batrick
>Tavistock Millennium Project '97