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C.B. Heraldry Classes CHANGES

Unto Meli ferch Iasper, Class Coordinator for Collegium Borealis, and
everyone at the Merry Rose, greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald.

As a result of the availability of teachers and other scheduling fu,
the second half of the Heraldry Track at C.B. has been changed quite a bit.
Rather than surprise everyone on Saturday, I'm posting it. If you know
anyone who plans to come but doesn't frequent the Merry Rose, please pass
the word on to them. Thanks!


The following classes are CANCELLED:
Being an SCA Herald - The Loud Parts  (2 PM)
Being an SCA Herald - The Quiet Parts  (3 PM)
Armory in Everyday Usage  (5 PM)

The following class has been ADDED:
Designing SCA Armory  (3 PM)

The following classes are RESCHEDULED:
 -- "Blazonry 202" has been moved from 4 PM to 2 PM, so that it and the
Designing Armory class are in the correct order.
 -- "Stupid Herald Tricks" has been moved from 6 PM to 5 PM, because
there are no other classes starting at 6.

So the Heraldry track now looks like this.

Persona 101 - Herveus d'Ormonde
The basics of choosing your persona.  Heraldically, choosing
a time period and geographic location are top priority.
A-208		10:00 AM

Choosing an SCA Name - Aodhan Doilfin
Pretty much self-explanatory, but very often misunderstood. 
Is it as hard as some folks have made it out to be?  What is
required by way of documentation?  Come find out!
A-208		11:00 AM

Heraldic Garb - Jaelle of Armida
A slideshow depicting lots of ways you can use your armory
on clothing.  Come learn new and interesting ways to use
that device you spent so much time getting passed!
A-208		1:00 PM

Blazonry 101/202 - TBA
The basics and beyond of heraldic blazon.  For heralds
and scribes, but also for other interested parties.
A-208		2:00 PM

Designing SCA Armory - Herveus d'Ormonde
What "good heraldic style" is and how it got that way. How
to apply these principles when designing your own armory. This
class is officially 1 hour, but the room is free afterward if
the instructor wishes to continue the discussion.
A-208		3:00 PM

(No class scheduled at 4 PM)

Stupid Herald Tricks - Lord Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald
Heraldically Correct Humor.  This is what heralds do for
April Fools jokes, and whenever the blood level in their
caffeine streams gets too low.  Learn how to document "Caid
Pennsic" as a period personal name (a true story!).
A-208		5:00 PM


Hope to see lots of you at Collegium!