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Henry's Ankles, a poetic entrant

		Henry's Ankles
	      by Leifr Johansson

	The fair regard the ladies make
	Are all for only ankles' sake
	They care not for his foot or leg
	But only how these bones are peg'd

	Henry knows nought, I am afear'd
	Might think what's Best is just his beard
	But ladies glances will not rise
	To anywhere above his thighs

	You'd think the ladies might at least
	Take notice how he fills his piece
	But you'll not find what lady knows
	The curves are found beneath his hose

	They care not for his doublet's line
	That shows off his male shape so fine
	The set of cap, or cut of head
	They think of not, when all is said

	This man they should see as a whole
	The handsome shape with handsome soul
	But they care not of message sent
	Their aim upon his ankles bent