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Re: Update coming soon

At 9:24 AM 29.06.95, Elizabeth Urbanik wrote:

>Merry Rose, do tell me about yourself), send me your info! If
>something about your citation has changed within the past month
>and you've not yet let me know, now's the time :)

I'm listed as John Stracke/Francois Thibault, francis@insoft.com.

Please change my address from francis@insoft.com to francis@io.com.  The
rest of it stays the same.


|John (Francis) Stracke        | http://www.io.com/~francis                 |
|francis@tigana.microserve.com |============================================|
|Power Mac w/PPP               | The problem with any unwritten law is that |
|My Mac, my opinions.          |  you don't know where to go to erase it.   |
  Francois Thibault          AFP of PA!       Shire of the Blak Rose (East)
  Argent, a cock gules, and, on a chief sable, three standing stones argent