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Minor Waiver proposal

Atlantians and An Tirians -

I pulled this off if the West list.  Some of you will no doubt be interested.
 Please send feedback to the address given below. (Not to me! I is jus' a
messenger, Sir!  :)  Note that this waiver does not apply outside of These
United States.


        - Anarra Karlsdottir
          Terry L. Neill

>Date:          Wed, 28 Jun 1995 16:07:11 CST6CDT
>From: "Anne M. Klingen" <ANNEK@law-lab.memphis.edu>
>To: antir@kwantlen.bc.ca, sca-caid@anthrax.ecst.csuchico.edu,
>Subject: CORRECT MINOR WAIVER - Please look at
>Message-ID: <199506282109.QAA04801@oz.memphis.edu>
>Please find attached the Minor's Release proposed by the Ad 
>Hoc Waiver Committee to the BOD.  The prior document sent out 
>was an incomplete draft of a working copy of the minor's 
>release.  This is the newest version.  The only changes are 
>    If anyone has any comments that they want to make to the BOD 
>about the proposed waiver - Please e-mail them to me by 3pm CST June 
>30, 1995, and I will make sure they are in the Corporate Office by 
>the deadline.
>Anne M. Klingen
>       _________________________________________ (hereafter referred 
>               Print Minor's legal name
>to as the "minor") does hereby state that the minor wishes to participate
>sponsored by the international organization known as the Society for
>Anachronism, Inc., a California 
>not-for-profit corporation (hereinafter "SCA")
>          The SCA has rules which govern and may restrict the activities in
>which the minor can participate.
>These rules include, but are not limited to: Corpora, the By-laws, the
>various kingdom laws and the Rules for
>combat related activities.  
>     The SCA makes no representations or claims as to the condition 
>or safety of the land, structures or surroundings, whether or nor owned,
>leased, operated or maintained by 
>the SCA.
>          The minor's parent(s) or guardian(s) understand that all
>activities are VOLUNTARY and that the
>minor does not have to participate.  It is understood that these activities
>potentially dangerous or harmful
>to the minor's person or property, and that by participating, the minor's
>parent(s) or guardian(s) voluntarily
>accepts and assumes the risk of injury to the minor or damage to the minor'
>          It is understood that the SCA does  NOT  provide any insurance
>coverage for the minor's person or 
>property; and minor's parent(s) or guardian(s)  acknowledge that they 
>are responsible for the minor's safety and the minor's own health care needs,
>and for the protection of the 
>minor's property. 
>          In exchange for allowing the minor to participate in these SCA
>activities and events, the minor by and
>through the undersigned, agrees to release from liability, agrees to
>indemnify, and hold harmless the SCA,
>and any SCA agent,  officer or  SCA employee acting within the scope of
>their duties, for any injury to the
>minor's person or damage to the minor's property. 
>          This Release shall be binding upon the minor, the parent(s) 
>or guardian(s), any successors in interest, and/or any person(s) suing on
>the minor's behalf.
>          The minor's parent(s) or guardian(s) understand that this
>is complete unto itself and that any
>oral promises or representations made to them concerning this document and/
>or its terms are not binding
>upon the SCA, its officers, agents and/or employees.
>I,  the undersigned, state that I am the parent or legal guardian of the
>minor whose name appears above. I
>understand that the above terms and  conditions apply to said minor and to
>myself.  I further understand that
>said minor cannot participate under ANY circumstances in armored martial
>arts, any combat-related
>activities, combat-archery, or fencing without parental consent where 
>such participation is allowed by kingdom law.  The minor will not be able
>participate in any SCA 
>activities without entering into this agreement.  This document is binding
>on myself, the said minor and 
>any person suing on behalf of said minor.
>Minor's Name {PRINT}: _____________________________________      
>Birthdate of minor: ________________   
>Home State of minor : _______________
>Legal Name {PRINT}: _____________________________    
>                                  Parent/Guardian    
>Legal Name {SIGN}: ______________________________     
>                                   Parent/Guardian  
>Date: ____________
>Anne M. Klingen
>SCA Waiver Committee - cochairman
>(901)678-5293 fax
>(901)685-9020 home
>(901)678-3242 work