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Sacred Stone Novice Tourney
Shire of Drachentor
7-9 July 1995

Once again, the Shire of Drachentor is honored to host the Barony of the 
Sacred Stone's Novice Tourney. We hereby call forth all fighters, both heavy 
and rapier, to meet on the field of honor in Ringgold, VA. The Tourney takes 
place at Girl Scout Camp Shawnee, just east of Danville.

1) Novice Tourney: for those who have been authorized in sword and shield for 
   two years or less. For any other weapon, one year or less.
2) Open List: For both new and old fighters.

For those who wish to pursue the Arts and Sciences:
1) Best favor incorporating a theme of "summer."
2) Best garb accessory on an Oriental theme (example: painted fans).
Extra points will be given for those having documentation.
For fun: fly-on-a-string: catch the "fly" with a pair of chopsticks, win a 

$9.00 on site, on board
$4.50 on site, off board
$4.50 off site, on board
$3.00 day-trip only

Non-members add $3.00 to the above costs.
Children aged 10-5, cost is $1.50. Those aged 4 and under are guests of the 
Shire. Please make checks payable to: Barony of the Sacred Stone/SCA, Inc.

Feast will be Oriental; please address any dietary concerns to the Feastcrat. 
Also, due to the nature of Oriental cooking, feast must be limited to 85 seats 
(note, this does not mean the site itself is limited to that number!).
We request help from Gentles willing to work with children. Please contact:
        Fionna Raynard (Rose Marotta, 46 Stokesland Dr., Danville, VA 24541)
Merchants, please contact the Autocrat as soon as possible! Plus, for those 
attending from afar, the Autocrat will supply a list of local motels. Note 
that any prices supplied will be an estimate given by the motel and may change.

About the Site:
1) It is absolutely DRY.
2) It opens at 5 PM on July 7; troll closes at 3:30 PM on July 8; site closes 
   at noon on July 9.
3) You can bring your own tent. However, there are some platform tents already 
   set up (canvas incl.): 8 large (each holds 4 people)
                          10 small (each holds 2 people)
   Please tell the Troll or Autocrat which you prefer, or if you'll be in your 
   own tent. Platforms are assigned on a 1st-come/1st-served basis.
4) There are showers and toilets available.
5) Dogs are allowed, but MUST be kept on a leash.
6) While hall space is limited, we anticipate very nice weather, July being 
   the month it is.

Autocrat: Lady Elenore Spyrling (Elizabeth Urbanik, P.O. Box 23, Chatham, VA 
          24531) 804-432-3006
          or eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu
Feastcrat: Lord Matsudairu Toshiyori (John Sellers, 4050-E, Huntingreen Lane, 
          Winston-Salem, NC 27106) 910-760-9136.
Troll/Reservations: Myriaha Krista of Kilarney (Tammy Reisser, 278 Rambler Dr. 
          Danville, VA 24541) 804-791-2377.

Directions: Main roads into Danville are Rtes. 29 and 58. Take your best 
            to either. If coming in on 29, watch for and take exits marked
            for 58 East to Ringgold and South Boston. Once on 58, coming
            either east or west, look for the billboard for Cheryl's
            Restaurant. The turn-off will be a mile after that, after a
            blinking caution light. If coming east on 58, turn left at Cheryl's
            onto 726. Continue until the speed limit changes; start to look for
            the next turn-off. Turn right onto 655. The camp will be on your
            left shortly afterwards. Continue on the dirt road; troll will be
            in a small building on your right (Ho-Ki-Hi or some such a thing).