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Re: your romance ad in USSR

At 9:23 AM 6.07.95, Corun MacAnndra wrote:
>Razmus writes:
>>    Every once in a while, someone will post here along with several
>Good and valid points, and I fear I have no other suggestions either. *sigh*
>Mayhaps letters to the Postmaster will have to suffice.

One possibility would be to have letters from non-subscribers go to Kendric
for approval (Kendric--Kendric--Kendric, please, put down the crossbow :-).

Alternately, it could go to a random subscriber (maybe from a list of
volunteers), to spread out the load.  It could be fun, actually; you could
laugh hideously as you condemn the spam to a pathetic extinction.  :-)

(OK, so this is kinda moot, since Kendric's already said netcom's version
of Majordomo won't support it.  Just a thought for if netcom upgrades, or
we reach net.nirvana, bandwidth and CPU time become free, and Kendric can
buy a machine capable of running the list himself for a nickel [whichever
comes first ;-].)

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