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Futility of War with HayYoo

Countess Ianthe suggests the possibility that anyone might
retaliate in kind for her tendency to bring focus to arbitrary
points of male anatomy.

Your Excellency,

	I cannot imagine embarking upon a more foolhardy venture.
I am well aware of how you laid low the mighty Gyrth with only a
trace assertion of your power, when he was quixotic enough to 
attempt to come to my aid at the Isenfir University session.

	I cravenly apologize for even hinting that any action or
philosophic tendency of yours was anything other than the actions
appropriate to a Lady of the very highest water. I beg your
charitable indulgence for my ill-advised slip of the tongue.
Surely some madness must have possessed me: I read my earlier
note and it is as if a stranger wrote it. Have pity.