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Re: your romance ad in USSR

On Thu, 6 Jul 1995 francis@tigana.microserve.com wrote:

> One possibility would be to have letters from non-subscribers go to Kendric
> for approval (Kendric--Kendric--Kendric, please, put down the crossbow :-).
Actually, I haven't gotten my crossbow yet, but I see you get the point
anyway. ;-)

> Alternately, it could go to a random subscriber (maybe from a list of
> volunteers), to spread out the load.  It could be fun, actually; you could
> laugh hideously as you condemn the spam to a pathetic extinction.  :-)
But, it's more fun to share laughs with other people, so this might
not have the results you think it does.

> (OK, so this is kinda moot, since Kendric's already said netcom's version
> of Majordomo won't support it.  Just a thought for if netcom upgrades, or
> we reach net.nirvana, bandwidth and CPU time become free, and Kendric can
> buy a machine capable of running the list himself for a nickel [whichever
> comes first ;-].)
Actually, I found out that this version of Majordomo will prevent people
who are not subscribe from posting if you tell it to.  The problem here
is that most mailers are not configured correctly and show the wrong
address.  Couple that with the fact that this version of majordomo is
too stupid to figure out what a persons correct address is, and we'd
have a lot of people that *do* subscribe not able to post.  That,
I don't want.

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