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Re: Futility of War with HayYoo

     Henry begs pardon for his allusion that I might have been the Sun 
     Source of the current round of teasing here at the 'Rose:
Your Excellency,
     I cannot imagine embarking upon a more foolhardy venture.
I am well aware of how you laid low the mighty Gyrth with only a 
trace assertion of your power, when he was quixotic enough to 
attempt to come to my aid at the Isenfir University session.
     I cravenly apologize for even hinting that any action or
philosophic tendency of yours was anything other than the actions 
appropriate to a Lady of the very highest water. I beg your 
charitable indulgence for my ill-advised slip of the tongue. 
Surely some madness must have possessed me: I read my earlier 
note and it is as if a stranger wrote it. Have pity.
     I reply:
     Sweet Henry,
     Pray, do not grovel so.  I prefer you stern and proud, as befits a 
     learned man of your dignity and position.  You have nothing to 
     apologize for, and your words were not received with offense.  Rather, 
     like a trout espying a fly, I leapt at the dainty morsels.  (Fitting 
     image for a "lady of first water.")
     As you have probably deduced, being a "challenge" is an essential part 
     of my nature.  My mother claims that Atalanta would have been a more 
     fitting name for me, had she known the bent I'd follow in life.  
     Men of wisdom, nimble wit, fair speech and sprightly foot bring out 
     the sparkle in my eye and the sharpness of my tongue.  If I single you 
     out, it is because I love the duel - not the kill.
     As to the plight of His Grace, Duke Gyrth - like all giant creatures 
     whose fierce strides devour the leagues and glance makes the ages 
     tremble, he has hidden Secret Weaknesses.  Having trained with him long 

     ago when he was but a humble man-at-arms of Lower Ravenspur and I a 
     clumsy shield-maiden; I glimpsed those tiny openings before they were 
     armored over with Skill and Resolve.  
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov 
     Moistened Tart sans scimitar, (reformed)
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