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Re: More useless poesy

Countess Ianthe writes:
>     As bards, our own Leifr and Corun
>     Will rhyme at the drop of a florin
>     Limricks they'll draft
>     Till we all go daft
>     And beg "Please you two, no more'n."
>     For fun, they'll alight on some sod
>     With features amusingly odd
>     They'll jibe at his nose,
>     Ears, ankles or toes.
>     (Pray heavens, they fish for no Cod).
>     They serve up their final grand poem
>     With reverence befitting a tome
>     Each slice's a smile
>     Sauced with good guile
>     So we eat Best at the 'Rose (not at home).
Wow, what an honour, I've been Viking Hal Barded.  Now I know how Lord 
Hal and Syr Stryk feel ;-).  Of course, it may take some time to consider 
the appropriate response ;-) ;-).

Leifr Johansson
Viking Hal Bard (Until they throw me out of the guild)