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Directions to Camelot Faire (Caer Mear Demo)

Atlantians -

Due to a glitch, the directions to the Camelot Faire demo were not in the
Acorn this month.  Here is the event announcement (again) with DIRECTIONS at
the bottom.  Please pass on these directions to anyone in your group that
wishes to come.

I will be sending out a seneschals mailing this weekend.

Thank you very much!!

        - Anarra Karlsdottir, Autocrat

Camelot Faire: 
Pamunkey Regional Library Demo, Pre-Pennsic Fighting Practice and Arts and
Sciences Day
Barony of Caer Mear
22 July 1995

When is a Demo an Event? When we have as much fun as the Demo-ees do!

The Barony of Caer Mear invites all Gentles of the SCA to join us on July 22
for a FREE Event! The Barony will host a pre-Pensic Fighting practice and
put on a demonstration of Medieval Arts, Sciences, Crafts, Rapier, Music,
Dance and Play for the patrons of the Pamunkey Regional Libraries. The turn-
out is expected to be about 1000 people. The site is Poor Farm Park west of
Ashland, Virginia (20 minutes North of Richmond). The time is from 10:00am
to 5:00pm.

Artisans are encouraged to come and demonstrate their crafts. If you
practice any art or science, please come and show the children how it is
done. Volunteers to staff some of the activities we have planned are also
very welcome! Both heavy weapons and rapier will be demonstrated. If you
fight, come join us for an all-day pre-Pensic practice. Both single combat
and unit maneuvers will be practiced, contact Sir Corby de la Flamme or Lord
Aedan Aylwyn for more information. There is no fee to set up a Merchant space.

You may arrive Friday night, set up your pavilion and camp overnight at the
park; *but only with a reservation.* We must tell the Sheriffs department
how many people will be camped overnight, so you are not arrested. If you
wish to reserve a space for Friday night you must contact the Autocrat at
the address below. *Reservations to camp Friday night are mandatory.* There
is crash space available for Friday night if you dont want to camp. Contact
the Autocrat.

There will probably be hot dogs, hamburgers and soda pop on site; for sale
by a local volunteer rescue squad. If you want other food, please bring some.
THIS IS A DRY SITE. After the demo, we will be moving to a place that's cool
with food.

Please do not bring pets.

Autocrat: Lady Anarra Karlsdottir (Terry L. Neill); 31377 Old Dawn Road;
Hanover, VA 23069-2006; (804) 692-9017 (days); (804) 994-5845 (NLT 10pm); E-
mail: neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com

Take your best route to I-95 at Ashland, VA (15 minutes north of Richmond).
Exit the freeway at the Ashland/Hanover exit and go *West* (toward Ashland)
on Highway 54. Continue West for several miles. Stay on Highway 54 by
keeping to the *Right* at two potential forks. After you leave town and are
driving for a while through countryside, you will see a brown sign that says
"Poor Farm Park." Turn *Left* where the brown signs tell you to. Go past the
school. Keep driving until the road terminates in the park next to two
picnic shelters. Please unload there, then move your car.  There will be SCA
signs posted.