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Re: In Ianthe's honour

With her Excellency's fair permission I respond to her challenge:

Oft have I been struck by the sight
Of fair ladies who've learned how to fight
As Erica knows
This probably shows
In my head I'm really not right

>      To Leifr, from Ianthe: Though slow 
>      to reauthorize, I'll fight I know.
>      And when that I do
>      I'll expect to see you
>      In the lists fair to give it a go.
A time surely not to be missed
Is when Ianthe reenters the list
I'll make it my care
To have myself there
And take the top of her dance list

>      For between us there now lies a small bit
>      Of challenge on matters of wit.
>      I rise to your bait
>      (Let's set a date)
>      For a bout to decide who's the most fit.
A challange from you I won't grudge
But how will we choose us a judge
I've got enemies galore
I have need for no more
Least I be demoted from Lord to a drudge

>      For my limericks are WORSE than yours
>      An honor I'm proud of (indoors).
>      And we will soon see
>      (If you better me)
>      If you can claim that bold title (outdoors).

Of limericks I'll never claim
To be superior to you in this game
It's simply my curse
When faced with a verse
To reply with something the same
>      As for Fernando, know you this please,
>      His charm does not end with his knees.
>      He dances and writes well
>      He kisses and fights well
>      To this Atlanta he's won all the keys.
Of chastity belt wears she a pair?
With keys in Fernando's care
That is quite well
But what she won't tell
Is to whom has she given a spare

With fair regard and expectations of meeting you in the list:

Leifr Johansson
Viking Hal Bard (until they throw me out of the guild)