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Re[2]: In Ianthe's honour

    Leifr entertains the vain notion that he'll have the last word
    of our "exchange."  My verse and his reply are below:

>      As for Fernando, know you this please,
>      His charm does not end with his knees.
>      He dances and writes well
>      He kisses and fights well
>      To this Atlanta he's won all the keys.
Of chastity belt wears she a pair?
With keys in Fernando's care
That is quite well
But what she won't tell
Is to whom has she given a spare

    For lack of better sense, I continue:

    To Leifr, I need wear no belt
    For I have generally felt
    That no man but mine
    Is passingly fine
    To make my resolve all to melt.

    Such apples he's cast at my feet
    Have made my heart luster in heat
    No mere mortal man
    Can love like he can
    To Fernando do I cry "Defeat!"

    For my own is the fairest of men
    His sword is as quick as his pen.
    And should you best me,
    He'll growl out, "AT THEE!"
    And cut you from one part to ten.

    (Don't worry - bluster aside, Don Fernando and I have always
    kept our personal challenges separate.  Should I lose to you
    he'll be content to help me rub bruise juice on my trophies,
    and say "I told you so.".)

    In her martial preparation,
    with a smile of anticipation,

    -Ianthe                        kim.salazar@em.doe.gov