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Re: And the Winner Is . . . (Henry's Ankles)

Deoca sez:
> So, Leifr likes dry mead, right? And what flavor do you prefer,
> Henricus Primus? You deserve at least a bottle of mead for
> putting up with the rest of us through this little competition!
> The mead will be presented at the Merry Rose gathering at
> Pennsic. It will be held at the Windmaster's Hill encampment.
I get a bottle of mead, too? Golly! Well, alas, I should be very
much surprised if I can attend Pennsic. But I know what I want to
do with "my" bottle:
I am exercising my right, earned fair and square under the "good
sport" clause, vol II, chap 3, sect 5, para 1. I declare Elayne's
song to be the winner of the "Henry's Favorite" category in this
+ 10 points: written by a newbie
+ 10 points: published by a newbie (if you don't think that takes
     guts, you have forgotten what being a newbie feels like)
- 10 points: filked from a modern song
+  5 points: filked from Suzanne Vega
+ 20 points: portrays me as "courteous to newbies" at a time when
     I was under extreme physical and emotional duress. That 
     makes me feel really good.
+ 10 points: nordic in style. Vega is 1/4 norwegian. Elayne looks
     like Freya and sings like Thor. 
So, please present my bottle of mead to Elayne. She already told
me she would be at Pennsic, so we are good to go on that count.
> Oh, does anyone know what the laws are about transporting home
> brew across state lines?
"It is often easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission in
the first place." -Admiral Grace Hopper     
-Henry Best