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Re: And the Winner Is . . . (Henry's Ankles)

Lady Deoca announces the winner of the Henry's Ankles competition ...
>      And the winner is . . .
>      "Henry's Ankles" by Leifr Johansson
>      Yea, the crowd goes wild!

(Accepting the prize for "Henry's Ankles" is Lord Leifr Johansson himself)

(A tall figure with dark hair (going distinguishly grey at the temples) 
and a gotee; wearing glasses goes humbly up to the podium ....)

First, I'd like to thank the judges, the contestants, and especially Lord 
Hal, who has so willing accepted the responsibility of being the subject 
of the Henry's Ankles Viking Hal Bard contest.  I would like to thank the 
Viking Hal Bard Guild, until such time as they throw me out, for their 
support.  And I would like to express my deep appreciation for everybody 
in the Merry Rose and those shopping Cheapside for their good humour 
and paitence while we conducted our little contest.

>      The turn of phrase in this piece impressed all the judges.

Thank you again, I rather enjoyed writing the words myself.

>      Leifr, I would still like to see the song version.

I've asked Lady Aislynn to post the song version, when it's ready.
>      All of the other entries deserve Honorable Mentions. Several of them 
>      were exceptional and the humor factor was way up there :-)
To which I must concur.

>      So, Leifr likes dry mead, right? And what flavor do you prefer, 
>      Henricus Primus? You deserve at least a bottle of mead for putting up 
>      with the rest of us through this little competition!

I am very glad to note that Lord Hal has offered his bottle to Lady Elayne,
as I think her song was certainly one of the nicest entrants to the 
>      The mead will be presented at the Merry Rose gathering at Pennsic. It 
>      will be held at the Windmaster's Hill encampment, I have permission. 
>      What I don't yet know is which day it will be held. I will notify 
>      everyone as soon as I know. And, the mead will flow freely for all 
>      attending said gathering. I should have 20 gallons by wartime!

Wow, I'll be there.

In Service
Leifr Johansson
Viking Hal Bard (until they throw me out of the guild)